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10 Things You Can Buy In Berlin

| Uncategorized | March 1, 2019

Do you know someone who is a fan of the city Berlin? Are you looking for something cool to remind you of your stay or trip to Berlin? We have selected 10 of the coolest Berlin souvenirs which are perfect when you are looking for gift-ideas or products which are related to Berlin.

1. Monopoly Berlin

This is my favorite Berlin-related souvenir which I have found so far. Totally different than a useless key ring or a t-shirt which will be too small after washing it once. Monopoly Berlin is the original Monopoly game but instead of the traditional streets you will find the larger streets of Berlin on the board. Who does not want to cruise over Kurfurstendamm, Kottbusser Tor of Hermannplatz or build some hotels on Platz der Luftbrucke? It is all possible in this Monopoly Berlin-edition. The price of this souvenir is a bit higher but if you are looking for gift idea which will really be used once in a while, Monopoly Berlin might be a great choice for you.

Monopoly Berlin Souvenir
Monopoly Berlin Souvenir

Name: Monopoly Berlin
Price: 49,90
Target-group: All grown-ups

2. Beer-collection gift idea

A gift idea or souvenir I personally would like to receive is a selection of German beers. Especially people who do not live in Germany but love Berlin, will be very pleased to receive a collection of beers which are not for sale in their home country. Off course you have to include brands like Berliner Kindl and Berliner Pilsner but people also love the special beers from Bavaria and other parts of Germany. You can buy beers in every supermarket or Spätkauf in Berlin but also online at Amazon or in supermarkets like Kaiser’s, Edeka or Real.

You can decide yourself how expensive you want this gift-idea to be: You can choose between an 11-bottles crate or a 20-bottles crate and the prices of the beers itself also differ 0,30€ and 2€. Keep in mind that it is most convenient to bring this Berlin-souvenir with you if you travel by car.

Beer as a gift or souvenir from Berlin
Beer As A Gift Or Souvenir From Berlin

Name: Berliner Beer selection
Price: 5-15 euro
Target-group: Beer-lovers

3. Berlin S-Bahn Shower Curtain

A very original and useful souvenir related to Berlin is the S-Bahn Shower Curtain which you can see on the image below. If you like Berlin, one of the most important things to remember will be the S and U-bahn stations. Personally I always know where people live when they tell me which station is close to their house. The Shower Curtain of the S-Bahn will enable you to study the S-Bahn in Berlin every time you are in the bathroom. Besides that it is an awesome reminder and souvenir of Berlin.

The shower curtain with the stations of the S and U-Bahn in Berlin
The Shower Curtain With The Stations Of The S And U-Bahn In Berlin

Name: S-Bahn Shower Curtain
Price: 34,90
Target-group: Everybody
Link to the product: Rushower

4. Book: Absolut Berlin

A book about a city in which you have lived for a while or love to visit is always a nice souvenir. There are many books about Berlin, but one of the coolest books I have read in the last years is Absolut Berlin written by Axel Schock. A while ago I published an article with unusual facts about Berlin, this article was based on the book Absolut Berlin. The book is actually a summary of a lot of interesting and unexpected facts about Berlin. If you want to buy a book about Berlin you can also have a look in my article about eight great books about Berlin written by insiders.

Absolut Berlin - Axel Schock
Absolut Berlin – Axel Schock

Name: Absolut Berlin
Price: 16,90 Euro
Target-group: Everybody who can read

5. Calling Berlin – Paul Kalkbrenner (DVD)

If you like the clubs in Berlin, you will also love the dvd Calling Berlin from Paul Kalkbrenner. Paul Kalkbrenner is one of the most famous DJs from Germany and in this movie you will hear a lot of his music, see some berliner clubs and laugh a lot about the funny behavior of Kalkrenner himself. I already mentioned this movie in my article about the 5 must-see movies from Berlin. Any other movie in that article might also be an alternative as a gift or souvenir from Berlin.

A great Berlin souvenir: Calling Berlin from Paul Kalkbrenner
A Great Berlin Souvenir: Calling Berlin From Paul Kalkbrenner

Name: Calling Berlin – Paul Kalkbrenner
Price: 7€
Target-group: Movie & Music Lovers

6. Berliner Luft (Liquor)

If you have been living in Berlin for a while, you probably tried Berliner Luft at least once. This alcoholic drink is very popular because it tastes quite good and is not as strong as shots like Tequila, Sambuca or Jaegermeister. Berliner Luft is also quite cheap: You can buy a bottle for about 6 Euro and it is actually a great souvenir for everybody who has a connection to Berlin. If I celebrate my birthday, at least one of my friends will bring a bottle of Luft as a present. It brings up all the good memories of parties in Berlin. There are a lot of different tastes of Berliner Luft as you can see on the image below.

All different types of Berliner Luft
All Different Types Of Berliner Luft (© Aniland-Shop.De)

Name: Berliner Luft
Price: Normal bottle 5-7 Euro, XXL-Bottle 10 Euro
Target-group: Everybody who likes a drink and is 18+

7. Hertha BSC fanshop

Unfortunately the city of Berlin does not have the greatest soccer-team like AC Milan, Barcelona or Ajax Amsterdam. But still, every boy will love a souvenir which reminds him off a football-match in Berlin. Hertha BSC is the best soccer-team in Berlin and they have a very good fanshop. You can buy anything you want and decide yourself how much you want to spend.

Another great idea might be to give somebody tickets to a game of Hertha BSC. Maybe chose the match against Bayern Munchen and see the winners of the Champions-League play? Tickets can be bought on the website of Hertha BSC.

Hertha Fanshop

Great Berlin-souvenirs for a soccer-loverName: Hertha Bsc souvenirs
Price: 5 – 100 Euro
Target-Group: Soccer lovers
Link to the products: www.herthashop.de

8. Gym Bag “Keep Calm and Love Berlin”

Turnbeutel are very popular in Berlin. Specially the hip Berliner people walk around with these light bags which are called Turnbeutel in German. You can find these bags with a lot of funny texts and images on them. Obviously it is a great and cheap gift idea or souvenir for everybody who has lived in Berlin or just loves the city. We choose the gym bag with the text “Keep calm and Love Berlin” but obviously you can choose any other bag as well.

Bag Souvenir Keep Calm Berlin
Bag Souvenir Keep Calm Berlin

Name: Gym Bag (Turnbeutel)
Price: 12,90€
Target Group: Hip Berlin Lover

9. Lonely Planet Berlin

Besides the book Absolut Berlin it is always great to own the Lonely Planet of a travel-destination you like. If you love Berlin you probably planning to come back soon and the Lonely Planet is the best travel-guide out there. Besides that it is also cool to own the guide as a souvenir because there are plenty of pictures in it to remind you of the city. The travel-guide costs 17,95€ on Amazon and therefore it is also a very affordable souvenir.

Lonely Planet Berlin
Lonely Planet Berlin

Name: Lonely Planet Berlin (book)
Price: 17,95€
Interesting for: Everybody who can read

10. 3D Puzzle Brandenburger Tor

If you are looking for a great gift idea for a creative person you might want to consider checking out this 3D puzzle from the Brandenburger Tor or another attraction in Berlin. If people like to do something and get reminded of their time in Berlin, this is a great present. After finishing the puzzle you can put it somewhere in the house as a reminder of a great time in Berlin. The price is 27,

Berlin 3d Puzzle Brandenburger Tor

3D Puzzle Brandenburger TorName: 3D Puzzle Brandenburger Tor
Price: 27,90€
Target Group: Everybody



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