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10 Things To Buy From Rio De Janeiro

| Uncategorized | March 18, 2019

The last few days of any trip is usually spent trawling through shops and fairs on the prowl for suitable souvenirs for family and loved ones back home. Besides the Christ the Redeemermini-statues and ‘I Love Rio de Janeiro’ T-shirts, what great gifts can you take back with you? We round up some typically Brazilian souvenirs that you can get in Rio.**

1. Cachaça

The national spirit of Brazil makes an ideal gift and serves as a great reminder of the country’s famous cocktails, caipirinhas. Cachaça, a spirit made from sugar cane extract, is available at any supermarket or alcohol specialist store in Rio. Opt for the gold cachaça – one that has been aged for longer – for a smooth, pleasant taste.

2. Havaianas

A staple fashion accessory for almost all feet in Rio de Janeiro, Havaianas make a great souvenir. The classic flip-flop brand has long dominated the footwear market in the city, and there are several stores dotted across Rio dedicated to Havaianas flip-flops and clothes. The extraordinary range of colours, styles, and sizes allow you to customise your choices to loved ones’ preferences.

3. Goiabada

Goiabada – guava paste – is a popular dessert in Brazil. The texture is like a thick cross between jelly and jam and is often served with mild Minas Gerais cheese, a combination known as Romeo and Juliette. You can buy goiabada paste in prettily decorated boxes or tins, making it an ideal present to take back home.

4. Bananada

Bananada is another popular preserved Brazilian sweet that will last any long travel back home. The sweet is typical in Rio and is a combination of banana pulp and sugar. A slightly healthier version that uses sweetener or honey instead of sugar is also available, or you can ramp up the sweet levels by buying the version coated in chocolate – both are delicious.

5. Pão de Queijo mix

Bringing back pão de queijo is not exactly practical – it is, after all, cheese bread and will not remain fresh for long. However, a great gift idea for loved ones who are keen bakers is pão de queijo mix, which provides all the main ingredients in powder form. To make fresh pão de queijo, simply add water and bake for about 20 minutes. This bread is one of the most popular Brazilian snacks and will take you back to sunny, tropical mornings in Rio.

6. Hippie Fair in Ipanema

Head to the Hippie Fair for innovative and unique gifts for loved ones or simply as a keepsake for yourself. Wander around and pick out beautiful pieces of handcrafted jewellery, clothes or bags. Keep a look out for the weekly stall that sells handmade boxes with a wooden inlay, or the stall that sells bowls and coasters made from dried beans and resin. These make unusual gifts and capture some of the essence of Rio.

Hippie Fair, Praça General Osório, s/n – Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ipanema Hippie fair |©Alexandre Macieira | Riotur/Flickr

Ipanema Hippie Fair | © Alexandre Macieira | Riotur / Flickr

7. Paçoca

For peanut lovers, paçoca is a wonderful gift. Made with crushed peanuts, cassava flour, and sugar, it has a distinct nutty flavour and is suitable as a gluten-free option. Another peanut sweet is pé de moleque, which is whole peanuts set in toffee. Just be warned that it didn’t earn its nickname as ‘teeth breaker’ for nothing – it is exceptionally hard and may not be suitable for everyone.

8. Terravixta

Terravixta is a local Carioca brand that creates fantastic wooden mini-sculptures of the most famous attractions in Rio. They’re perfect to take home, so that you can display your own miniature of Christ the Redeemer, Arcos da Lapa, or Sugarloaf Mountain. What makes them great is their unique material and design – these aren’t just any old trinket you can buy anywhere around the world. Where: Travessa Bookstore or Museo de Arte do Rio(MAR).

Take home a souvenir of Sugarloaf Mountain like no other / Image Source

9. Papel Craft

Take home diaries, blocks, photo albums, Moleskines and multipurpose boxes with unique designs. The creative team behind Papel Craft worked with several artists from different fields to create the line. There is also an original line of postcards with beautiful photos of the city in Polaroid format. Where: In Ipanema, on Pirajá Viscount 580, store. Visit their website for other locations.

7. Handmade things

Each weekend is reserved for a market day and you will be able to find various hand-made items such as quilts, woodcarvings, statues, and paintings. The prices are also very low here and you will be able to get a gorgeous souvenir from Brazil for just a fraction of a price.

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You can’t return from Rio with just sand in your shoes. Bring back a special reminder of the Marvellous City to relive your holiday in Rio.

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